Volunteer With Us!
     Our volunteers treat every guest with kindness, dignity and respect in a warm welcoming atmosphere. Sometimes a warm smile and a kind word, mean as much as a hot meal. Sharing a Meal serves over 5,000 meals annually to those in need in our community.

     We use a “team” concept and each volunteer joins a team, serving once or more times a month. Each team works together to set up, prepare and serve the meal and clean up afterwards.


     If you are interested in cooking or serving on a team, and are 18 or older

please contact our volunteer coordinator Donna        

@ 631-833-1957


     Our hope is that one day we will be out of business because no one is in need of our services! In the meantime, we are here for the hungry, the lonely and the disenfranchised. We welcome your support in whatever way you can contribute: your time, financial support or concerned best wishes.



we can do so little;


we can do so much.


~Helen Keller

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